Foot & ankle pain

The joints in the feet and ankles are complex, and given they are under tremendous strain on a daily basis it is unsurprising that pain and discomfort can become a problem.  There are a few specific conditions that osteopaths can help to treat:

The inner edge of the foot is supposed to be raised, however some people are naturally flat-footed or the arch can flatten over time.  The resulting rolling of the foot can lead to damage to your ankle and Achilles tendon that can extend all the way up the shin to the knee if left untreated.

Plantar fasciitis
Occurring in the same area of the foot – the arch – this often presents as a sharp pain at the instep or heel and can be made worse by spending long periods on your feet.

Sprained ankle
Going over on your ankle is an unpleasant experience which can lead to swelling (normally to the outside of the joint) and pain when bearing weight and walking.  In the first place it’s worth committing to RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation – to reduce the pain and swelling.  If, after 24-48 hours the ankle is still painful then further treatment options can be explored. This will usually entail gentle massage of the ankle and lower leg to ease tension in the area and may also encompass recommendations of supports, braces and footwear.