Headaches occur for a variety of reasons with stress and poor posture being two of the most common culprits.  The relaxing nature of osteopathic treatment can alleviate the former and by employing a range of manipulations and massage techniques the osteopath can rebalance any postural problems wherever they occur in the body – osteopaths treat the body as a whole and many people are surprised to discover that their symptoms are actually a manifestation of dysfunction in another area of the body.  Additionally, osteopaths can engage a range of drainage techniques that can help to alleviate the feeling of pressure that can build up in the head – particularly around the sinuses. 

Where migraines are concerned, some sufferers do report that osteopathy has helped to reduce the frequency or severity of attacks, although patients must be made aware that osteopathy is not a proven treatment for migraines.

It is important to bear in mind that osteopathy may not be effective in treating headaches which have a pathological cause.