Neck pain

Poor posture often plays a part in causing neck pain: the common practice of placing the telephone under your chin to keep both hands free can very quickly exacerbate the condition.  Slouching at a desk, when watching television or playing on a computer can also affect your posture and therefore your neck and it’s also worth looking at how you sleep – how many pillows you use and the condition of your mattress.

Whatever the root cause of your neck pain, your treatment will be tailored to your requirements.  It will often involve local massage across the neck, back and shoulders to stimulate and relax the muscles and tendons; and sometimes manipulation of the vertebrae will be used to realign the structure of the neck.

Given its importance, the neck must be treated with great respect. With this in mind, an Osteopath will refer you back to your GP should further medical tests be required – such as X-rays and scans – to ensure that the correct diagnosis and treatment plan is made and put into place.