Shoulder discomfort/pain

Shoulder pain is often caused by poor posture exacerbated by extended periods of time sat at a computer.  Athletes and sports people also often suffer from shoulder discomfort due to overstretched ligaments, which can in turn increase the likelihood and frequency of dislocations due to joint instability.

Various chronic conditions such as osteoporosis, arthritis, frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis and fibromyalgia can also present with symptoms of shoulder discomfort.

Again, the recommended course of treatment will depend on the root cause of your shoulder pain: in some instances manipulation and massage may be appropriate, in others resting and icing the joint may be more suitable in the first instance – whatever the issue, an osteopath can assess and advise you accordingly.  It may become apparent during assessment that what you are suffering from is referred pain: this means that the actual injury site could be in the neck, upper back or further down the arm. In such cases, once the injury site is diagnosed, massage and manipulation would focus in this area, rather than on the shoulder.

Whenever you consult an osteopath, ensure that he is aware of your medical history and any long-term conditions you are suffering from (such as osteoporosis) as these can affect which method of treatment is implemented.